Child Protection Policy at ISKCON Stoke

  This is the ISKCON Stoke policy regarding the supervision of our children.

For the children’s safety and protection please observe this policy whilst visiting ISKCON Events at Hare Krishna Centre, Victoria Street, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 6EG.   

The parent/guardian is fully responsible for the health & safety, behaviour and conduct of their children within the property at all times.

1: Supervision of Children

1. For any child 0 – 13 years old, the guardian (who should be 18 years or over) should not be “out of sight” of the child or children. In other words, there must be constant supervision at all times.

2. For children aged 14 – 16, the guardian must be on the Centre’s property at all times and the child and guardian must know the whereabouts of each other at all times. No parent should “Drop off” their child at the Centre unless there is a consenting guardian to be responsible for them, or it is a dedicated youth event.

2: Failing to provide proper child supervision:

The following is a step-by-step plan of consequences for parents or guardians who fail to follow the policy of child supervision at ISKCON Stoke.

Step 1 – The CPO will bring the matter to the parent or guardian’s attention and advise them appropriately. At that time, she will also explain to them the entire plan of consequences.

Step 2 – On the second instance, the CPO will issue a verbal warning and keep a record of that in writing.

Step 3 – On the third instance, a written warning, signed by the CPO and the Temple Management will be given.

Step 4 – On the fourth instance, the parents or guardian will be called to a meeting with the CPT and Temple Management wherein they will be suspended from visiting the centre for 2 weeks.

Note: Upon completing the 2-week suspension, the parents or guardian will have to meet again with the above-mentioned persons wherein the importance of them abiding by the above policy will be reinforced.

If in the event the parents or guardian are again neglectful of their child’s supervision, the matter will be reported to Temple Management. They will decide upon further action.

3: Correcting Children’s behaviour

ISKCON Stoke maintains a policy of no physical punishment. This includes no shaking, pushing, slapping, grabbing or kicking. This policy also includes verbally abusive language. This includes parents with their children.

If any adult has any issues with any child, they should inform the child’s parent/guardian and the temple authorities. A guardian must be a person aged 18 years or over.

4: Rules in the Building:

There must be no unsupervised group activities pertaining to children and youth within the building itself. This means no children playing running games such as tag, hide and seek, etc. The children are allowed to do organised arts & crafts, colouring, etc. provided they are supervised by their guardian or the classes provided by the temple authorities. The guardian is fully responsible for the health & safety, behaviour and conduct of their children within the property at all times.

It would be appreciated if the guardians could encourage within their children, a respectful attitude towards the temple programme atmosphere.

5: Prohibited areas for Children:

Children are not permitted to be alone in the following areas:

a. The stairwells

b. The toilets or shoe area (for play or loitering)

c. The car park


Thank you all for your continued cooperation.