We have a number of excellent presenters. Our workshops include a balance of discussion and hands-on activities, and are suitable for foundation stage, primary, secondary, and special needs students. Students get a taste of various aspects of Hindu culture and philosophy through a wide variety of activities that range from storytelling for Nursery to role play for Primary and Secondary. We have a variety of multi-sensory experiences that make understanding Hinduism easy and fun.


  • Storytelling and drama
  • Dressing up in traditional costumes
  • Festival face and hand painting
  • Demonstration of the temple aarti ceremony
  • Dressing up as gods and goddesses
  • Dandiya Rasa dance to music
  • Yoga breathing for relaxation.
  • Festivals (e.g., Diwali, Holi, Rama Navami)
  • Singing

Individualized Planning

Choose from a wide range of topics and workshop plans.

Customize your day. We will consult with you to plan a program that meets the needs of your students and supports your curriculum.

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We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Iskcon stoke. The teachers were fabulous with the children- so engaging and the session was carefully thought out and well executed. Our children gained a lot of knowledge from this trip and new experiences and an insight into the religion that they otherwise wouldn’t. The children gave only positive feedback and had a brilliant day. Thank you again.

Mrs. Chloe Cottis

Eaton Park Academy, Stoke on Trent

Children say they really enjoyed watching the hosts dress up as Gods, they said the costumes were really nice. They found it very interesting too. One child said they enjoyed the meditation you talked about. They said it made them feel calm. They felt very welcome at the temple and will love to visit again. Thank you very much for letting us come to your temple, the children were very intrigued with all that you showed and talked about. We will definitely visit next year. 

Mrs. Luthfa Kabir

Hempstall Primary School