Schedule of our events, open to all

Monday – Friday

6:15-7 am

Mantra Meditation

Weekdays morning mantra meditation “Japa” (Zoom)

Every Sunday

12-2 pm

Sunday Program

Lively program of Chanting, Dancing and Feasting.


Discourse on spiritual topics

Prasadam(Veg food)

Charity shop

Make new Friends



All welcome

Free entry

Every Saturday

8-9 am

Srimad Bhagavatam Classes

Systematic study of Bhakti topics

Understand glories of Bhakti

Ancient Vedic Stories

All welcome

Free entry

Every Saturday

10-11 am

Bhakti Lounge

Light introductory program to Bhakti

Group book reading

Lively discussion

Kirtan(Meditative chanting)

Mantra neditation

Free entry

All Welcome

Every Tuesday

6-7 pm

Yoga With Ana Bonito

Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Learn Yoga with qualified yoga teacher

Easy exercise

All welcome

Every 2 months

1 Day

Gita Crash Course

Learn topics of Bhagvat-Gita

Introduction to Bhagvat-Gita

Learn from experienced teacher

Basic topics

Easy understanding